Exploring MD Drivers’ DISPOSITION_TYPE

There are 6,306 violations with an ATE_TYPE (those that are likely to be issued by automated traffic cameras). 3,093 of these have been paid (about 49%).

Speed Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 4,863 77.12
Red Light Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 912 14.46
Stop Sign Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 531 8.42

Looking at the DISPOSITION_TYPE column there are several possible categories, the largest of which ‘Other’ warranted some investigation.

Other 4,368 69.27
Liable – System 1,468 23.28
Liable 360 5.71
Dismissed 101 1.60
Continued 6 0.10
Void 3 0.05

I slapped together a Selenium browser automation tool to help find out what ‘Other’ means. Starting from the most recently issued tickets (those issued 12/31/2021 and earlier), I entered the ticket number into the city’s management system website. A simple OCR negotiates the captcha (needs some tuning) but usually returns whether the ticket has a zero balance (has been paid) or not.

Most of the recent months available are ‘Other.’ Other disposition types aren’t found in the dataset until September ’21. Resampling the data by month and value count reveals that most types other than ‘Other’ fall off closer to the present day.

Maryland drivers

The whole dataset reveals similar patterns:

All drivers