Reddit post

Does it feel like the cops aren’t really doing traffic enforcement anymore? Last week I read this comment about MPD not enforcing traffic violations and it inspired me to look at some data I’ve been analyzing over the past few weeks. I pulled more than seven million moving violation citations from DC Open Data‘s API.… Continue reading Reddit post

Exploring MD Drivers’ DISPOSITION_TYPE

There are 6,306 violations with an ATE_TYPE (those that are likely to be issued by automated traffic cameras). 3,093 of these have been paid (about 49%). ATE_TYPE % Speed Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 4,863 77.12 Red Light Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 912 14.46 Stop Sign Safety Camera Enforcement Sites 531 8.42 Looking at the DISPOSITION_TYPE… Continue reading Exploring MD Drivers’ DISPOSITION_TYPE

Woke up this morning and wrote myself some code

The dataset did not specify whether the moving violation was assessed through an automated process by traffic camera. In DC this is called Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE). According to Open Data DC, 138 cameras are managed by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). The cameras, which are scattered throughout the city, are used as a… Continue reading Woke up this morning and wrote myself some code

Sum of fines YoY

Fines over the 1/1/17-5/30/22 period totaled $893,151,204. Breakdown by year and violation type below: 2017: $137,300,588 2018: $148,798,179 2019: $171,205,768 2020: $178,392,212 2021: $187,954,122 2022: $69,500,335 Here’s the top ten moving violations by total dollar amount in that time: SPEED 11-15 MPH OVER THE SPEED LIMIT: $531,245,415 SPEED 16-20 MPH OVER THE SPEED LIMIT: $168,137,690… Continue reading Sum of fines YoY

Top most violations

Analyzing @opendatadc @DCVisionZero data. From Jan 1, 2017 to May 30, 2022 #DC issued 7,385,750 tickets for moving violations. What are the top five most common? SPEED 11-15 MPH OVER THE SPEED LIMIT: 5,015,385 SPEED 16-20 MPH OVER THE SPEED LIMIT: 1,019,346 PASSING STOP SIGN WITHOUT COMING TO A FULL STOP: 374,539 FAIL TO STOP… Continue reading Top most violations

Exploratory analysis of #dcopendata project

I fetched 7,392,736 moving violations issued by The DC Metropolitan Police Department and partner agencies in Washington, DC. First up: drivers from which state are the biggest contributors to this list of malefactors? Unfortunately, not every citation has driver license information. Only 1,329,401 (or about 18%) of the total citations fetched contained an entry under… Continue reading Exploratory analysis of #dcopendata project