DC Gender Ratio Map

  • Geopandas and GIS exploration
    Got some good feedback and response from the reddit post and now I’m game to try some mapping functionality out using geopandas and matplotlib. Getting geopandas installed was a pain, but I did learn how to set up a new environment specifically for geographic analysis in the process. Also fetched the TIGER shape files from… Continue reading Geopandas and GIS exploration
  • DC Gender Map
    Dating in DC is notoriously difficult; and (depending on who you ask), it’s especially difficult for straight (cishet) women. According to Census Bureau data gathered in the American Community Survey (ACS) the city’s demographics make a strong argument for this case. The overall male-to-female gender ratio (number of males divided by number of females) is… Continue reading DC Gender Map
  • DC Gender Map Part II
    The ACS is geographically organized by hierarchy–block groups at the most granular level, followed by census tracts, counties, states, regions and the nation as a whole. Census tracts are a common grouping used in geographic analysis since they are specifically designed for this purpose. Tracts are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a given geographic… Continue reading DC Gender Map Part II
  • DC Gender Ratio Map
    With the combination of two Python frameworks (Geopandas and Folium [which is itself a wrapper for the leaflet.js library]) we can create a custom choropleth map of gender ratio for each census tract in DC: Since the data is strictly binary, this map is trad-coded with majority-male tracts in blue hues and majority female tracts… Continue reading DC Gender Ratio Map
  • Gender Map Racial demographics
    Social scientists refer to the gender ratio of male adults to female adults as the Adult Sex Ratio (ASR) and racial disparities of the ASR are well-documented in research literature. For both Whites and Blacks, more males tend to be born than females, although blacks (ASR at birth: 102.9) have a lower prevalence than whites… Continue reading Gender Map Racial demographics