Fairfax Sales Analysis: Seasonality

Real estate in Fairfax County continues to climb in median value in spite of mortgage rates higher than seven percent. For August 2023 median home sales price month-over-month increased 1.71% although median price per square foot declined -0.16%. Prices fluctuate throughout the year in a clear seasonal pattern. seasonal decomposition using LOESS in Python separates… Continue reading Fairfax Sales Analysis: Seasonality

Fairfax County Zoning Density

I looked into housing price data in Fairfax County by low, medium and high density. I also look into housing construction and housing stock by density. The county tends to suffer from a lack of medium zoning. This is referred to by urbanists as the “missing middle” and consists of multifamily duplexes, cottage courts and… Continue reading Fairfax County Zoning Density

Median Monthly Home Prices, Fairfax County, VA

A picture is worth a thousand words: the median monthly home price is just now starting to brush against highs set in the summer of 2005 in inflation-adjusted terms. On a price per square foot basis the froth of the mid-2000s hasn’t yet been reached: This may be because houses are getting bigger:

Fairfax County Tax Assessments

Fairfax County’s Open Data GIS system makes several large datasets covering parcels within the county available to the public. The datasets must be combined using statistical software before they can be analyzed. For this project the relevant data are included in two datasets: Legal data:¬†https://data-fairfaxcountygis.opendata.arcgis.com/maps/tax-administrations-real-estate-legal-data/about Assessed Values:¬†https://data-fairfaxcountygis.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/Fairfaxcountygis::tax-administrations-real-estate-assessed-values/ These datasets are imported with irrelevant columns being… Continue reading Fairfax County Tax Assessments

Linear Regression

The multiple linear regression estimator grabs COVID case loads from several surrounding jurisdictions from the New York Times GitHub page for their COVID tracker. Population estimates were gathered manually from the Census Bureau: Fairfax, Virginia: 1,150,309 Montgomery, Maryland: 1,051,000 Prince George’s, Maryland: 909,327 Falls Church city, Virginia: 14,658 Arlington, Virginia: 232,965 Prince William, Virginia: 470,335… Continue reading Linear Regression

Gender Map Regression Analysis

Given the distribution of gender ratio by race, and documented social determinants of female bias in gender ratios amongst Black populations, can this effect be quantified in the DC data? The ACS data includes columns for Black population. We can engineer a ‘% Black’ column by dividing by Total Population. Looking at the percentage of… Continue reading Gender Map Regression Analysis

Gender Map Racial demographics

Social scientists refer to the gender ratio of male adults to female adults as the Adult Sex Ratio (ASR) and racial disparities of the ASR are well-documented in research literature. For both Whites and Blacks, more males tend to be born than females, although blacks (ASR at birth: 102.9) have a lower prevalence than whites… Continue reading Gender Map Racial demographics

DC Gender Map Part III

With the combination of two Python frameworks (Geopandas and Folium [which is itself a wrapper for the leaflet.js library]) we can create a custom choropleth map of gender ratio for each census tract in DC: Since the data is strictly binary, this map is trad-coded with majority-male tracts in blue hues and majority female tracts… Continue reading DC Gender Map Part III