Market status at 10:24PM ET: SPY down -0.04% XLV down -1.05% XBI down -0.46% Month off for the holidays. I initiated a short on DaVita via $100 put expiry 2/18. I expect it to expire worthless since the stock continues to climb on news of their $2B buyback program. DVA has increasing leverage risk (~6:1… Continue reading DVA

Market analysis 12/16/21

Market status at 13:39PM ET: SPY down -0.46% XLV up 0.64% XBI down -1.72% Top gainer: Organon (OGN +5%) was spun-off of from Merck in June, 2021, retaining a 10% ownership stake in the company. Organon focuses on women’s health, biosimilars and other Merck drugs which for which patents have expired. Some names that stick… Continue reading Market analysis 12/16/21

Market analysis 12/15/21

Market status at 15:21PM ET: SPY up 1.2% XLV up 1.71% XBI up 2.91% Big day for the FOMC. Hawkish 2022 with three planned rate hikes. No surprises but maybe the market was expecting more? Probably were just waiting for an expressed amount instead of reading tea leaves. Big winner today was Eli Lilly (LLY… Continue reading Market analysis 12/15/21

Market analysis 12/10/21

Healthcare sector gainers/losers (mid/large cap) Market status at 12:47PM ET: SPY up 0.41% XLV down -0.15% XBI down -0.81% Biggest gainer on the day is Centene (CNC +5%), a provider of managed care services in the US and three international markets. Today is Centene’s investor day and issued a press release offering guidance for 2022… Continue reading Market analysis 12/10/21

Market analysis 12/9/21

Healthcare sector gainers/losers (mid/large cap) SPY down a bit, -0.30% at 12:30ET. XLV +0.40%. XBI -2.10% Biggest gainer in the SPY ETF is CVS (ticker: CVS +3.78%). Today is CVS’ Investor Day. The buried lede is a plan for $10 billion in share buybacks and an increased dividend coinciding with forecasted revenue growth. A lot of… Continue reading Market analysis 12/9/21

Market analysis 12/8/21

Healthcare sector gainers/losers (mid/large cap) SPY relatively flat today (+0.06% at 13:30ET). XLV +0.40%. XBI +1.46% Biggest gainer in the SPY ETF is Catalent (ticker: CTLT +2.88%). CTLT produces oral, injectable, and respiratory delivery technologies for therapeutics. The company traces its roots to the 1930s and the development of the first soft-gelatin capsules for drug… Continue reading Market analysis 12/8/21