Fairfax County Tax Assessments

Fairfax County’s Open Data GIS system makes several large datasets covering parcels within the county available to the public. The datasets must be combined using statistical software before they can be analyzed. For this project the relevant data are included in two datasets: Legal data:¬†https://data-fairfaxcountygis.opendata.arcgis.com/maps/tax-administrations-real-estate-legal-data/about Assessed Values:¬†https://data-fairfaxcountygis.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/Fairfaxcountygis::tax-administrations-real-estate-assessed-values/ These datasets are imported with irrelevant columns being… Continue reading Fairfax County Tax Assessments

Linear Regression

The multiple linear regression estimator grabs COVID case loads from several surrounding jurisdictions from the New York Times GitHub page for their COVID tracker. Population estimates were gathered manually from the Census Bureau: Fairfax, Virginia: 1,150,309 Montgomery, Maryland: 1,051,000 Prince George’s, Maryland: 909,327 Falls Church city, Virginia: 14,658 Arlington, Virginia: 232,965 Prince William, Virginia: 470,335… Continue reading Linear Regression